Welcome! This (will be) a place of shrines and art...

Almost everything here is still being constructed as I learn to code from the ground up!


Updates Log

27.08.2022 - Finished rough layout of main page, working on Shrines base page

24.08.2022 - Finished rough functional layout of Storms at Sea, tabs now working as intended~

21.08.2022 - Worked on Storms at Sea shrine; learning about making tabs from w3schools and alvarotrigo

20.08.2022 - Added some very basic page functionality, also a snazzy cursor from mf2fm.com!

18.08.2022 - Site created - drew up some sketch plans of goal layouts; reading a bunch of tutorials as I'm super new to this!

To Do List

- Guest Counter

- Webring buttons

- Fonts

- Marquee

- Music

- Splash Page

- Fix tab box fade on Storms shrine

- Contact Section, Stamps

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